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Our concept

There are a few ways in which an organization can handle the recruitment and selection process.

One option is to have the candidate go through a trial period. By exposing him to the job requirements and work group for a few hours or days, the chances of a better match increase considerably. Those who did not like the environment will abandon the recruitment and selection process.

Another option is hiring a candidate based on a recommendation. The cost of hiring is nonexistent, but the consequences can prove to be very costly later on.

The third option is to hire a recruitment company. It saves time and provides an objective and efficient opinion. Professional observers from within the client organization can observe the candidates perform in simulations, after a rigorous selection carried out by such a recruitment and selection company.

The steps that in our opinion define staff recruitment and selection:

  1. Identifying the exact needs of the client, based on its goals and objectives. We are aware that each recruitment project needs to be suited to the uniqueness of the beneficiary organization, that is why we promote a flexible attitude, adjusted to the actual customer requirements.
  2. Identify the set of potential candidates for the open positions matching the skill mix required by the client (tasks from the job description, organizational culture, development and change needs etc).
  3. Evaluation and selection of candidates. A labor intensive process that involves going over an interview guide, psychometric assessment of candidates, as well as a review of their experience and professional training.
  4. Only when we are sure that those short-listed meet our customer's requirements by at least 90%, we recommend a meeting between a representative of the client organization and our candidates.

We believe that successful recruitment should not end when the client accepts the candidate short-list, and as such we perform a follow-up of the relationship between the beneficiary organization and the candidate recommended by us, to insure an optimal integration in the organization. We believe communication to be essential in a long-term partnership in our recruitment projects, and we offer our clients in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Oradea, as well as anywhere else in the country, a partnership characterized by stability and professionalism.



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