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Given the economic growth in recent years, what seemed almost unimaginable in the years 2009-2012 of the financial crisis, has made its appearance, namely a shortage of labor on most areas and qualifications. Definitely, the most affected area at national level in this respect is the western part of the country, counties as Timis, Arad, Bihor, being the most affected, especially at the level of urban centers, Timisoara, Arad, Oradea. Of course, the low levels of unemployment, to non-existent, remained the same in all these years in the capital of the country, Bucharest, which has been and still is less conclusive for fluctuations of unemployment within large urban centers, such as Timisoara.

Finding clients, market opportunities, steady and of quality suppliers have been and remained essential coordinates for any business. Add to these, now more than ever, finding staff, employees and collaborators. In the years preceding the financial crisis, areas of activity and business, did not prove so demanding and competitive. Things no longer stand the same. Given that quality differences between similar products offered by competing companies decreased significantly, and also price/cost differences, to be able to attract and keep valuable employees who can build reliable and stable relationships with market/customers who refer to, has become a key factor.

Timisoara, more than any other urban center in Romania, on the one hand benefits from the advantages of being at the western border of the country, which means better logistical possibilities in the relations with multinational companies in Europe, but on the other hand, it implies the difficulty in identifying qualified and well motivated labor force. Located atop the competition in academically field, Timisoara has been among the top centers who understood that academic preparation must respond to stable and long lasting demands coming from the labor market. As such, Politehnica University of Timisoara, for example, through the Faculty of automatics and computers, answers to a constant need of IT specialists from important employers such as Siemens, Hella, Continental.

Timisoara has managed to pass the crisis years lighter than the other great centers, even than also some west situated large centers, such as Oradea, Cluj. Great employers, and here we are not talking just about the IT industry, such as Flextronics, Zoppas, TRW, multinational companies with major manufacturing facilities in Timisoara, have maintained a constant demand of labor force.

We provide advanced services of recruitment, selection and assessment through our office in Timisoara.

Returning to our present need of qualified and motivated employees in the fields in which they operate, Timisoara is on an upward trend of economic growth, as well on an tendency to attract personnel from rural surrounding areas and also from nearby counties, which are poorer, such as Caras Severin and Mehedinti. Competition between companies of the same activity is no longer just for clients, for their satisfaction and fidelity, but became just as much, for attracting employees, for their satisfaction and retention. The key to a successful business, stands now as much in attracting clients, as in attracting future employees.

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