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Recruitment services in Cluj Napoca.

With more than 13 years of experience in local, regional and national projects, our company offers advanced personnel recruitment services in Cluj Napoca.

We developed a highly effective and ambitious branch in IT recruitment, helping companies in this industry find skilled employees for their projects.

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In recent years, the city of Cluj-Napoca has undergone a strong economic development. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) / inhabitant in Cluj County is comparable to that of some countries in the Top 50 worldwide. In the last five years, Cluj county has had the largest GDP growth in the country, namely 62%. The high salaries and the economic development of the city of Cluj-Napoca are just two of the reasons that generated this increase. Cluj-Napoca transfers part of this development and of its own prosperity to the county level because not only the areas around the municipality begin to develop very well as we were used (Floresti, Apahida etc) but already this positive effect is felt in other areas .

A comparison of the type of economic activities in Cluj with the surrounding counties such as Salaj, Bistrita-Nasaud leads to the conclusion that Cluj county is the main attraction, here being the main investors, especially in the IT field, where are the ones higher wages.

In Cluj county, there are over 800 jobs for which companies are looking for employees, according to the data of the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM). In this sense, recruitment companies are an extraordinary resource to diminish the effort made by companies in this regard, so companies manage to focus only on their field of activity.

An excellent source of new employees are fresh graduates of the faculties of Cluj. Their volume has increased enormously in recent years, due to national recognition of the level of education and professionalism found there. Also, most of the students who attended these faculties want to stay in Cluj to start their careers in one of the many fields existing at this time in the city market.

At present, the companies in Cluj realize perhaps in Romania the importance of attracting, recruiting skilled labor force, of high value, so that besides their intrinsic financial value the labor relations have become areas of individual development in which the employees can express themselves needs for professional growth and challenge. The fact that at present the price of residential constructions is the second highest in the country, after Bucharest, says a lot about the potential, on the one hand that the city can put into practice in the next period, but especially about the price of living and implicitly for employers, the workforce. To recruit in Romania at the present time in a city such as Cluj Napoca, is expensive, expensive, so the only option you can afford, as an employer, is that this and the entire selection process, be an efficient one. , very well adapted, and successful.

To make successful recruitment, a very close and transparent partnership is needed not only between the recruitment company and the client company, the one who hires, but also in the relationships that both establish with the candidates and potential future employees. It is a first signal that the company offers through the human resources company in the recruitment process regarding the future collaboration, and this must be a clear, clear, as complete and, especially, attractive. The competition in the field of attracting talents and potential has become increasingly fierce in Cluj Napoca in recent years, the success or failure of a business becoming increasingly dependent on the ability to recruit valuable candidates even from the banks of universities.

We provide to our clients recruitment, selection and evaluation services in Cluj-Napoca.

Regarding the way in which, beyond the potential that, in principle, any candidate has regarding the requirements of the future employer, the most accurate identification using valid methods and tools and faithful in the recruitment process by the human resources company, has was and remains one of the major factors in the success of the relationship between employee and employer. In order to discover the "match" between the candidate and the company, you need to know better what that candidate motivates and what the company offers in the counterparty, what are its fundamental values and probable behaviors in the organizational context that the employer offers, what skills and areas of interest the candidate has and which are the essential requirements of the job. It means to understand that potential is a virtual reality until it is put in the right context and becomes talent, ability and competence.

Speaking of motivation, I can say that this is also a space of intersection between values, objectives and organizational climate, on the one hand, and areas of interest and pronounced skills development, on the other. It is known that motivation is an essential generic factor for success in activity in all fields, relatively independent in relation to the experience and the level of development of compulsory skills for one profession or another. Being motivated means succeeding where lack of experience can be disadvantageous. It is not surprising that many employers at the moment, when recruiting or using a recruitment company, are particularly interested in identifying those candidates who are motivated to perform professionally. When the experience competes with the motivation, the general tendency in recent years is to give the latter a win. From my experience in recruitment, I can say that I have never had to deal with employers who objected to the motivation, but in connection with the experience, many of them showed retention or low interest. Why? They considered that sometimes the experience works to the detriment of the flexibility and intrinsic need for development. The reality is that I cannot contradict them.

Returning to the specific of a developed city, such as Cluj Napoca, it is important to retain the attractiveness that it exerts on the labor market both in Cluj County and neighboring counties. I believe that, besides the factors related to the development of the academic environment, especially the university one, this is one of the first importance in the upward trend of the city. If you want to develop professionally, in the most varied fields, and you do not feel comfortable living in a city such as Bucharest, Cluj Napoca is a natural choice. It is an advantage for the companies that recruit, including those of human resources, to have at their disposal a generous palette of candidates from the most varied fields and specializations. It is the opposite of counties in the south and east of the country, such as Teleorman, Botosani or Galati, where the "virtuous circle" mentioned above has a less pleasant equivalent in the form of a "vicious sky": the lack of companies to recruit has led to the decline population and quality of workforce; conversely, the decrease of the workforce potential makes the respective areas unattractive for any companies that would like to invest.

What is worth remembering, beyond the multitude of variables that make Cluj Napoca a model city for other important cities in Romania, is that the development of urban areas depends essentially on their ability to recruit talent and skilled and skilled workforce. This leads to major capital investments which in turn allow new accumulations at the human level. A dance beneficial to both parties, a pattern that deserves to be retained and adapted and in the case of other cities in Romania who want or envy such a level of development.

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