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Recruitment services in Bucharest.

With more than 13 years of experience in local, regional and national projects, our company offers advanced personnel recruitment services in major cities of Romania and in its capital, Bucharest.

Recruitment, coaching and organizational consulting, with a team dedicated professionals to achieving the HR objectives of our partners, where they need us.

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We are your HR agency in Bucharest

In 2007, in the desire to bring in the private environment an optimal combination of science and method in the evaluation of personnel, on the one hand, and the pragmatism required by the business regarding the recruitment, we made the decision to lay the foundations of AMS Human Resources.

In the 13 years since then, we have participated with our partners in the construction of local, regional and national projects, successfully contributing to the recruitment of the right talents for our clients' organizations. We have added value in the most varied industries, from sales, marketing, production, engineering to logistics, transportation, construction and, in particular, distinctly, and in IT.

In addition to developing the level of expertise and ability to respond directly and promptly to the needs of our partners, we have expanded by offering recruitment services in the largest cities in the western part of the country, Timisoara, Cluj and OradeaIn each of these locations, our consultants have worked on countless projects, reaching out to be recognized as reliable partners in staff recruitment, human resources consulting and performance coaching.

Keeping the same pace of development in recent years, we made the decision to extend this time to Bucharest and to come to the aid of companies in the capital with our recruitment services.

Particularly, our development in Bucharest is different from every step we have taken so far, namely that with still a long time to open our office in the capital, I participated in numerous projects through which we recruited for companies from Bucharest. Thus, having a fixed location with local consultants seemed to us to be a natural decision in our expansion and development process.

What can we offer differently in terms of personnel recruitment compared to the existing recruitment companies in Bucharest? We can and are different in how we communicate with our partners and make sure we understand their needs exactly, by the way we understand that recruitment can be the strong point in developing a company, as well as its main vulnerability, by the fact that we show perseverance, creativity and understand to intelligently integrate the experience of over 13 years from different local markets, in the wider and more competitive context that represents the country's capital. The feedback received from our partners in Bucharest, long before we expanded into the capital, was a positive one, encouraging and that showed us that our approach worked where the way of working of local companies proved inefficient.

We understand that recruitment is in particular a communication process, any flaw in the way communication is made prevents obtaining optimal results in recruitment. To be effective, so to achieve results, in communication, and implicitly in recruitment, implies being flexible, understanding what resources are needed and showing perseverance and variety in the way you work. We know that experience matters, it helps, but in recruitment, in Romania in general and in Bucharest, in particular, where the demand from the companies that employ is greater than the offer from the labor market (the evidence being very low unemployment, practically non-existent) is absolutely essential to understand that what worked a few years ago, does not work today. If in the past the recruitment could be done predominantly passively, at present, it needs to be active, attract and generate confidence and decision from the other category of partners, not the companies that hire, but the candidates who decide to make a career change .

We are waiting for you at our office!

We are confident that as we have made a difference in terms of recruitment in each of the cities in the west of the country, so will we do in terms of recruitment in our new location, Bucharest.

Calea Dorobanți nr. 170. et. 3, ap. 11. București, 010582

Good to know:

The capital is the most populated city and the most important industrial and commercial center of Romania.

The population of approx. 2 million inhabitants make Bucharest the 10th city in population in the EU. According to estimates, the city gathers over 3 million people daily.

Bucharest has a greater attractiveness once the young people start looking for a job.

  • Municipality: 1.9 million
  • Urban: 2.1 million
  • Metropolitan: 2.4 million
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Do you own a business and are you looking for qualified personnel?
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