Coaching comes from sports and shares some of the principles it has there. Through coaching the client finds himself, only assisted by the coach, the best perspectives on his objectives and problems, as well as the most appropriate resources in this direction. It often means change of perspective, a leap over the problems with which he has become accustomed to only in certain ways. Where the usual perspective in addressing objectives in most cases requires more effort and stress, coaching comes and opens up new perspectives, alternative ways of dealing with the whole frame, so many of the difficulties originally identified disappear by themselves or become very easy to overcome by simply reframing of them.

How does coaching do this? Through questions, by removing the client from his problem, by activating some resources within him that he did not know he owned. An important place is held by identifying important objectives for the customer, values or other even more important objectives that can stand behind them, obtaining commitment and taking the path to the road until they are achieved. Continuous selfevaluation of the results obtained and the modification of strategies is essential in coaching: what have I accomplished? What did I intend? What did I obtained?

Coaching is of many kinds (life, financial, performance, etc.). What we offer, AMS Human Resources, is coaching for performance, facilitating the achievement of the goals that the company and the employee share.

A special place in our expertise is the coaching of team, namely the identification of those unique and special resources for each team, its degree of inclusion in the joint effort of each individual contribution, stimulating creativity and growth as an element of the team's identity.



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