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Many managers require from their recruiters ideas and miracles for finding the right people for their open roles.

So, what are the next steps or more important, what are the right questions to ask when we want to make sure we direct our efforts (the recruiters) in the right directions?

Obviously, we talk to our managers to understand their plans and overall image of how or where the business is heading, right? Then we make short-term, medium and long term recruitment assessments and plans.

And we ask ourselves on these topics:

  • a) Number of roles we plan to fill on certain timeframes;
  • b) Time to fill roles – we make commitments
  • c) Pipelines we have and we can further create – think were you are and where you want to go, of your obstacles and on your opportunities;
  • d) Resources we require (manpower, money, time, etc) – now that’s the real challenge in some cases;

Resources are the most important, not especially for you, but for the business. So, best way to get your budget approved? Build a solid business case.

Again, if you answer to some questions, you can be successful in getting those resources.

  • 1) What do you want to achieve?
  • 2) Why you couldn’t achieve so far?
  • 3) What will make the difference?
  • 4) What will you do?
  • 5) What are the costs?
  • 6) Are there any other resources needed?
  • 7) What will be the outcome?

Getting answers to these questions, putting them into a .ppt or .doc or whatever, and present them to budgetusiness ownersdecision makers, will get 50% of the work done. The other 50% is also your work, but this time putting those resources and plans in action. Especially, the c) topic above, creating or improving pipelines to recruit your talent (working with agencies, going to events, create banners, whatever suits your recruitment plans best).

Simple and we know this, right? But raise your hands those of you who actually put this into practice every day. Aaaaa….thought so !

Written by Bogdan Florescu

Lead Recruiter – Electronic Arts RomaniaElectronic Arts Romania

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